New: YT Series

The YT ACE with 11 plates, is the latest innovation of the Korean market leader for water ionizers. Noble compact design combined with high-performance technical equipment.

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Click Filter image above to directly find our replacement filter shop pages. Here you will also find filters to create alkaline water, which you can use in your existing Brita filter jug.


image-1Our novelty has arrived! Delicious, healthy smoothies made from high quality ingredients. Take it anywhere and prepare it within a minute. Tastes really great when prepared with alkaline water.

Good tasting water

KindVorWasser Alkaline water, also known as active water or Kangen water, tastes so soft that you automatically drink more of it.


vyv2Bavity Ionizer is a convenient and practical entry into the world of alkaline water. With similar properties as with our H2gO, but a larger capacity of 1.25 liters

Tritan bottles

tritanflaschen-thumb-php_ Food plastic bottles in 0.5-, 0.75- and 1 liter version made of tritan. High stability make them nearly unbreakable and their light weight make them easy to carry around.

H2gO (Mobil)

h2go-thumb-php_ H2gO® – A mobile Water Filter for tap water with the benefit of raising the pH-value by plus 1 or 1.5. Also reduces the ORP down to -30 or even -50mv. Please note that we also have a bigger version with even better ionization called VYV or Bavity. We also supply filters which are compatible size wise with different Brita water jugs.

Brochure alkaline water

For a shipping fee, you can order the 8-page brochure "Alkaline drink and remain vital". The advantages of the alkaline water are presented briefly and clearly.